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“ …out-of-home coffee industry has grown, consumers become more educated and curious about coffee, which translates into becoming more discerning about the coffee they drink at home…”


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Coffeestry Box by Roastedly® is the simplicity of getting your coffee fix with quality fresh coffee at your convenience.

Up till now, the brew process has been a real pain to coffee lover. The common way of brewing requires utilising brewing equipment and formulating a brew ratio before grinding coffee beans to the perfect coarseness, often by trial and error. All this is a long process and time consuming, which many of us, nowadays do not have. The pain is further magnified during travels… you’ll know what I mean!

Now, everything is simplified! We’ll do the grinding, weighing, and then seal the coffee in sachets where we bundle it with disposable drip bag. All you need to do is clip the drip bag onto a cup, pour in coffee from the sachet and lastly, pour in hot water. Your freshly brew coffee is ready for your indulgence in just seconds.

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