DRIP BAG Preparation Guide


The drip coffee bag was born in Japan in the 1990’s and since then, has grown to become one of the standard styles of single serve coffee. Presently, sales of drip coffee bags have topped 2.3 billion annually and their popularity has been seen expanding throughout Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Drip coffee bags also made their debut in the U.K., Central Europe, the United States and Canada in 2010. Surely it will not be long until the drip coffee bag will be a standard in your country too!


step 1

Open the flap and clip the wings over a cup

step 2

Pour in Coffee Powder

*Recommended 10-12g of coffee, medium grind size.

step 3

Pour hot water (90-94°C) slowly into the drip bag. The capacity of the drip bag is about 50ml. We suggest 3 pourings to achieve ratio of 1:15 (which means 1g of coffee churn out 15ml of coffee)

step 4

Once done, simply remove the drip bag and start enjoying your coffee.