DRIPROSABLE Preparation Guide


This is the latest disposable filter design by the Korean. 

The name “Driprosable” is made up of 3 words. Drip + Professional + Disposable. This pretty much describe what this filter is all about. Now, you can achieve a professional brew anytime, anywhere. 

step 1

Simply place the Driprosable over a cup

step 2

Pour in Coffee Powder

*Recommended 10-12g of coffee, medium grind size.

step 3

Pour hot water (90-94°C) slowly into the Driprosable. The capacity of the drip bag is about 50ml. We suggest 3 pourings to achieve ratio of 1:15 (which means 1g of coffee churn out 15ml of coffee)

step 4

Once done, simply remove the Driprosable and start enjoying your coffee.