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Magical Pour

Welson (Co-founder Roastedly) on Ms Yip:

It was a long long ago moment when I first “enter” into coffee industry. Due to our active involvement (previous company “Coffee:Nowhere”) in various exhibitions and competition sponsorships, I get the opportunity to know Ms Yip (still at a distance). She gave me an impression of a super woman who can plan and execute her agenda well. A very capable and knowledgeable woman indeed. Back then, I only got to read about her many acreditions and achievements from the news, from president of MSCA all the way to being an internationally recognised coffee judge. It was in the past 2 years that I got to speak to her more often, seeking wisdom and advices from her.  She shared very openly and detailly, giving me the wealth of information without the years of experience. I cannot praise her enough and I sincerely thank her for accepting my invite to “record” a video in sharing one of her many techniques in brewing coffee. This video reveals her magical pour. You will bound to learn much from this.

And yes, if you like the video, encourage her with some “rewards” and share the video. Who knows, there may be a sequel.

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Driprosable™ Filter

Driprosable™ Filter


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