Brew Pack 25


Brew Pack 25 contains 25 premium coffee sachets bundled with 25 disposable premium drip bag for your brewing convenient.

Suitable for home or office consumption.

25 Sachets can serve about 1-2 person for a month.
If you office have 5 persons, recommend you to purchase at least 4 quantity (and it’s cheaper) .

Roastedly comes with a simple way of having your favorite coffee in time and in a simple way. You’ll get that quality fresh and favorite coffee at a easy and simple way
No need to carry with you all the apparatus with you in order to have that coffee you have always depend on. We do the pre-grinding, weighing, and then we seal the coffee in sachets together with disposable drip bag. How awesome is this? That’s how much we care about our coffee lovers.

The best of all, Coffeestry box comes packed with five different coffee sachets from different roasters such as Industry Beans, Seven Seeds, Code Black Roaster, etc…

Having less knowledge about the coffee? Worry no more. The sachets have a QR code which you can scan to learn more about the coffee and its upping notes.

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This is the perfect solution to the coffee lovers who has limited time brewing fresh coffee from home, not to mention for those who are always on a move.

  • Each pack contains different coffee from various coffee roaster and has a QR code where you can scan for more detailed information about its origin and cupping notes.
  • Coffee beans will be grind to upon your order to ensure freshness.
  • Packaged in travel-friendly single-serve packets, this instant coffee is a perfect and easy choice for coffee lovers.
  • Free drip bag is supplied with each sachet.
  • Your coffee drink is ready whenever you are. Make a hot water into great coffee brew in just seconds.
  • Beans are grind for pourover/filter method. You don’t have to worry about anything


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