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2020 Improved Version

Capressule - Portable Espresso Maker

In less than a minute, your coffee is ready wherever you are, in the office, trekking or traveling.


Capressule has so many improved details and features. It can use Nespresso capsules and now, ground coffee as well. Simultaneously,Thanks to the advanced pumping technology, Capressule is capable of reaching 20 Bar stable pressure during extraction which gives a even extraction and a perfect crema in every single brewing progress.

Why Use Capressule

Mini Size

It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Strong Power

Pressure of up to 20 bar.


Bundled with a Powder Coupling so that you can enjoy coffee of your choice


All parts of the coffee makers are washable.

Powder Coupling (bundled)

Using the latest technology, Capressule Powder Coupling is able to maintain the pressure required so that coffee can be extracted evenly. 

Advance Pumping Technology

This is an uniquely designed pump system that is able to create a pressured and direct the concentration of water flow efficiently to the coupling.

How To Use Capsule Coupling

1. Put In The Coffee

2. Install Capsule

3. Lock the Water
Tank to the Cup

4. Pour 92°-95° Hot Water

5. Press The Hand Lever

6. Enjoy your coffee

How To Use Powder Coupling

1. Put In Coffee

2. Cover The Silicone

3. Screw Into The Water
Tank And Cup

4. Pour 92°-95° Hot Water

5. Press The Hand Lever

6. Enjoy your coffee

What People Are Saying
About Our Product

Superbly easy to use. The quality of coffee is very good. Like the fact that they include a powder coupling so I can have any coffee available and not restricted to those capsules.
Goh V
Like and powerful. The size is compact and I can put it into my bag and bring it to work. The parts are very sturdy and washable too.
Jerad Teo
HR Manager
I don't expect the coffee to be extracted so evenly. The pressure is perfect. I also find it easy to pump the water, about 20 pumps to extract a cup.

My office have the Nespresso machine but I have stop using it as I realised that our office cleaner does not clean the machine. It's a relieved when I bought Capressule. Now I continue to enjoy quality coffee
Wilson Tan
Event Coordinator
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Portable Espresso Maker

$109.00 $59.00

*1 month coffee (Ethiopian, Operation Cherry Red) supply refers to 30 sachets of coffee (8g each)

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