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Cores Single Cup Gold Filter C210

  • A beverage of your choice makes it easy to brew a full flavour of real drip.
  • Mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change result. From the above reasons, it is little affected to coffee taste and flavour. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slot, the filter can provide short time brewing with very high temperature.
  • MaterialThe gold filter is made with the gold plated stainless and gold does not cause a chemical reaction, so coffee come through the filter is not oxidised.
  • ShapeIts unique longitudinal slot helps water flow out faster without lowering the water temperature much. And all the slits are punched from inside toward outside so water flow is also much smoother. As a result, tasty coffee with good flavour and without miscellaneous taste is prepared. And more, the mesh hole is even so will not be deformed.


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A great cup of coffee brewed easily

Coffee will taste better when using a Gold Filter in your favourite colour
Cores Single Cup Gold Filter easily brings out the original characteristics of coffee, thanks to its gold mesh filter.
Red and white colour options have been added to the classic black.
The new colours will make your coffee time more colourful and fun.

A great cup of coffee can be brewed easily
Cores Single Cup Gold Filter is a gold plated filter which is designed for brewing a delicious single cup of coffee.
Simply, place ground coffee and pour hot water.
It is easy and fun for anyone.

The secret is in the gold mesh
Since the gold filter is chemical reaction resistant, its effect on the coffee flavour and aroma is kept to a minimum, enabling to extract the best out of coffee.
It is also a perfect way to compare and enjoy the differences between high quality coffees.

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