Costa Rica Finca La Isabela - TAD Coffee


This is a true convenient premium coffee on demand “Roastedly’s Coffee in Sachet”

Roasted by TAD Coffee (Singapore)

Coffee Beans Profile & Taste Notes
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Finca La Isabela
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Altitude: 1400-1700 M.A.S.L
Process: Natural
Tasting note: Blueberry, Cocoa Nib, Fig, Winey

For maximum mobility and convenience, we bundled a premium disposable drip bag with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction!

In this package:
15 x Coffee sachets
15 x Premium disposable drip bags or Upgrade to Driprosable Filter

 Free Delivery to Singapore & Malaysia!



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About the Coffee Farm / Estate

Don Claudio Salazar Arias was taught how to farm coffee from a very young age. His current farm, Finca La Isabela, was inherited from his father, Don Cristobal, as was his work ethic and passion for coffee farming. Although the plot he inherited was small (his father had to divide the original farm between no fewer than 7(!) sons and daughters), his vision was big. He named the farm after his wife, Dunia Isabela Rodriguez, and today they and their two sons carry on the legacy.

Don Claudio and his family make the most of these natural surroundings, working with several different varieties, including Caturra, Catuai, Villalobos, Geisha, and various Sarchimors. The whole family is involved in every aspect of work on the farm – from the nurseries up until the final moments of the harvest – in pursuit of that great quality they´ve been taught to value as part of the family heritage.

Roaster: TAD Coffee Company

TAD Coffee Company is a Singapore-based coffee company which roasts and curates exciting coffee experiences in pursuit of perfection. Led by the national barista champion (2017), TAD’s goal is to be the coffee company that excels in sourcing, roasting and training future leaders of the industry. Ultimately, TAD’s vision is to be the bridge that improves the quality of life of farmers, industry partners and coffee lovers over a cup of perfectly roasted coffee.

“A TAD better in coffee. A TAD better in life!”

Tad Coffee Roasters


TAD Coffee Company

Works behind the scene

Roastedly® never compromise with our quality and avail only coffee of premium to specialty grade (mostly are Single Origin) where the producing estate/farm can also be traced, presenting you the best coffee, with the convenience to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We carefully source for great coffee from reputable roasters from around the world, carry out a stringent cupping process to derive the taste notes and suitable grind size for that specific coffee. Thereafter, coffee beans are grind and sealed into single serve size sachet made of specially indented aluminum wrappers. The sachet is then flushed and sealed with nitrogen to ensure the freshness of coffee as well as longevity shelf life of up to 18 months.

To offer maximum mobility and convenience, we provide a premium disposable drip bag bundled with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction! General coffee information such as coffee origin, estate, roasters and a QR code are printed on each sachet. To get complete information of the coffee, simply scan the QR code and it will present all the information.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 0.2 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

TAD Coffee

Select Filter

Drip Bag Filter (Included), Upgrade to Driprosable FIlter + S$9.95 for 15

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