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High Precision LCD Electronic Scale With Timer

  • Maximum load capacity: 2000g/ml division value: 0.1g working scope:2 to 3009g/ml
  • Display: 14mm high LCD display
  • Rated voltage: DC3V(two AAA cells)
  • Alarm of power insufficiency: when power of cell drops to 2.4V, on LCD display, there is alarm message of “LO”
  • Degree of disintegration: weighing scope 0.3-3kg d=0.1g
  • Timing range: 0-59min and 50s
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Function and Features

  1. Tare: tare of less than 1kg (1000g or below) does not influence the maximum weighed weight of scale. For the tare exceeding 1kg (1000g or above), the maximum weighed weight well be calculated by the following ways:
    If tare weight is 1.5kg the maximum weighed weight after taring should be calculated as 4-1.5(tare)=2.5kg
  2. Auto shutdown: the device automatically shuts down after an interval of 5 mins (when timer is operating, it is not influenced by the function of auto shutdown
  3. Overload alarm: if too heavy article is placed on the product, on the LCD, there will be alarm message of “EEEEEE”
  4. ON/OFF Key:power on/off
    UNIT Key: unit conversation
    TARE Key: tare function
    START/STOP Key: key for the timer to start/stop, long pressing for 3s will return the timer to zero

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