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West Jave / Mount Tilu

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This coffee is freshly grind, weighed and flushed with nitrogen before sealing into single serve sachet. There is no other added preservative or favour.

Each sachet weigh a minimum of 10 grams and is meant for single serving only. Price shown is based on per sachet and are sold in quantity of 15, 30, 60 & 120.

NOTE: This sachet is not an “instant” soluble coffee. You will need to brew with a filter such as drip bag.

This sachet is made of 3 layers of specially intended material, enabling the coffee to stay fresh for 12 months

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West Java, Mt Tilu

Indonesia has many to offer in the specialty market, with distinct and unique profiles depending on the region and processing. With the variety of specialty coffees where mainly comes from regions of Sumatra and Java whereas lower yield from the other islands of Sulawesi, Flores and Bali also produces coffee.

This specific coffee is grown from Java region, to be specific in the West Java- on hills of untouched wild forest of Mount Tilu (Gunung Tilu) where the crops receive optimum and sufficient microclimate which cater to produce the best coffee cherry in its natural ecosystem.

The special and unique part about this specific coffee is the processing method used to bring out the significant quality of the coffee which improves the cupping score by 4-6 points. Bonus point, this is the first Pura Cepa processing project in Indonesia. This processing is based on the controlled processing on the microbiological level. The controlled variable include temperature, time, pH as well as sugar content. As a matter of fact, this process allows identification and selection of specific strains of yeast and bacteria which aid in the control fermentation. Activity rates are monitored to prevent and eliminate fungus and moulds which will result to a controlled yet unique taste such fruitful sweetness yet intense and full of flavours towards the final cup.


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A simple indulgence

In today fast paced environment, we tend to want everything “NOW”. Brewing a decent cup of coffee can easily take around 6-8 mins as it requires a few steps such as weighing, grinding and brewing. The aftermath includes cleaning up the mess of course.

Hassle-free great coffee at your convenience!

Roastedly® carefully sources some great coffee from Roasters all around the world, carry out a stringent cupping process to derive the taste notes and suitable grind size for that specific coffee.

Finally coffee beans are grinded and sealed into single serve size sachet made of specially indented aluminum wrappers. The sachet is flushed and sealed with nitrogen (replacing oxygen) to ensure the freshness of coffee as well as longevity shelf life. To offer maximum mobility and convenience, you can order with a premium disposable drip bag (optional) to brew the coffee. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction!

General coffee information such as coffee origin, estate, roasters and a QR code are printed on each sachet. To get complete information of the coffee, simply scan the QR code and it will present all the information.


Commonly Asked Questions

How much coffee is there in a sachet?
Minimum 10g (up to 13g, depending on our cupping evaluation)

How much coffee can I brew per sachet?
We recommend a brewing ratio is 1:15 (you will get about 150 ml of coffee)

What is the recommended temperature of water?
We recommend water at 90°C
(TIPS: you don’t have a thermometer, the trick is after you boil the water, let it cool down for 3-4 mins to get approximately 90°C)

What is the “best before” date?
Generally, the sachets sold from our store has a guaranteed best before date of minimum 3 months

How do brew with drip bag or driprosable filter?
You may refer to the following guide:
1) Brewing with Drip Bag
2) Brewing with Driprosable Filter


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