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This is a true convenient premium coffee on demand “Roastedly’s Coffee in Sachet”

Roasted by Beans Depot  (Malaysia)

Coffee Beans Profile & Taste Notes;
Country: Rwanda
Region: HUYE Mountain
Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1700-2000 M.A.S.L
Process: Fully Washed

Cupping note

  • Aroma: Almond, Rhododendron
  • Flavour: Tangerine Zest, Caramel
  • Acidity: Bright Citrus
  • Body: Juicy
  • Finish: Resonant Sweet, Coconut Candy

For maximum mobility and convenience, we bundled a premium disposable drip bag with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction!

In this package:
15 x Coffee sachets
15 x Premium disposable drip bags

 Free Delivery to Singapore & Malaysia!

Out of stock


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About the Coffee Farm / Estate

Winner of Cup of excellent in 2012

Huye Mountain coffee was born in year 2011 with an aim to provide a gift of nature to all. From picking the ripest coffee cherry, washing with natural mountain water and finally delivering the “green gold”.  Over the years, we have won numerous awards and are confidence in delivering the best quality internationally.

We are most known for the following cupping notes:

Aroma :  8/10
Flavour: 8.5/10
Aftertaste: 9/10
Acidity : 8.5/10
Body: 7.8/10
Sweetness: 9.1/10
Clean cup: 10/10
Overall :  8.7

Tasting notes: Syrupy, blackcurrant, citrus and molasses

Roaster: Beans Depot


Beans Depot is founded in 2009 by Ms Yip Leong Sum. She is also the current president of Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association

In fact, Ms Yip is one of the key person that contribute much to the Malaysia Coffee Industry, taking the world by storm. She has been the head judge,  sensory judge and technical judge of national coffee competition both locally and overseas.

Apart from her contributions, Ms Yip herself was the first certified Coffee Roaster in Malaysia way back in 2012, Gold Cup Technician, Certified Barista and other related certification awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

Yip is a highly acclaimed and experienced coffee roaster in the coffee industry. The coffee she roasted has also been winning in various barista/brewer competitions which includes:

  • 1st Runner-up in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 2014
  • 2nd Runner-up in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 2014
  • Champion in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 2015
  • Champion in Malaysia Siphonist Championship 2016
  • 1st Runner-up in World Siphonist Championship 2016
  • 1st Runner-up in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 2017
  • Champion in Junior Barista Championship 2017
  • 2nd Runner-up in Malaysia Barista Championship 2018
  • 3rd Runner-Up in Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 2018

In short,  Beans Depot specializes in coffee bean roasting and coffee cocktails. Beans Depot is often known as a platform for sharing of coffee knowledge; instill and promote creativity in coffee appreciation.

You can also consider Beans Depot as a “playground”; “dreamland”; “laboratory”; “café”; “lounge” and “training/tuition centre” where you get to experience with different brewing equipments, fulfilling your desire as a barista or bartender. You can also concoct a signature blend of your own, have a cuppa or alcoholic drinks and practice your barista/coffee brewing skills there. 


Beans Depot

Works behind the scene

Roastedly® never compromise with our quality and avail only coffee of premium to specialty grade (mostly are Single Origin) where the producing estate/farm can also be traced, presenting you the best coffee, with the convenience to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We carefully source for great coffee from reputable roasters from around the world, carry out a stringent cupping process to derive the taste notes and suitable grind size for that specific coffee. Thereafter, coffee beans are grind and sealed into single serve size sachet made of specially indented aluminum wrappers. The sachet is then flushed and sealed with nitrogen to ensure the freshness of coffee as well as longevity shelf life of up to 18 months.

To offer maximum mobility and convenience, we provide a premium disposable drip bag bundled with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction! General coffee information such as coffee origin, estate, roasters and a QR code are printed on each sachet. To get complete information of the coffee, simply scan the QR code and it will present all the information.

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