[Single Origin] Colombia Excelso Huila ~ Macallum Connoisseurs (Bag)


Roasted by Macallum Connoisseurs (Malaysia)

Coffee Beans Profile & Taste Notes

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Varietal: Caturra & Typical
Altitude: 1520-1650 M.A.S.L
Process: Washed
Tasting note: Sweet caramel, Grapefruit, Black tea

Pack by: Roastedly
Minimum Best Before: 6 Months from despatch



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About the Coffee Farm / Estate

The team at SKN, our sister company in Colombia, cupped through hundreds of samples at the San Jose mill in Neiva to build this regional blend. While this is a typical practice during the harvest season, we were delighted to find that the quality of this blend exceeds the norm.

Around Huila, several purchasing agencies meticulously control each purchase to guarantee traceability and quality. Small farms here are planted mostly with Caturra, and processing is very traditional. Producers use hand-cranked de-pulping machines to remove the cherry from the beans and dry the coffee on raised beds to provide good air circulation and even drying.

Roaster: Macallum Connoisseurs

ZEAL GROUP SDN BHD (MACALLUM CONNOISSEURS COFFEE CO.) founded by 4 Penang-born entrepreneurs that are passionate about coffee knowledge and culture. They are Junz Teah, Vince Ong, Lukas Ang, and Jeff Lau. Armed with exceptional skills and knowledge about coffee, they have decided to embark on the road to spread and increase the awareness about coffee from roast to cup, starting from their very own Penang.

The Roaster & Academy was set up along with our CSR initiative, with the objective to spread and to provide improvement and education of specialty coffee knowledge to the community. Coffee is one of the largest traded commodities, and it has been in the people’s everyday life for a long time. Armed with a team of 20 capable members we aspire to become the standard and benchmark of coffee culture in the region, and through coffee we want to make your everyday, a better day.


Macallum Connoisseurs
E: Vince@macallumcoffee.com
W: www.macallumcoffee.com
ig: @macallumcoffee
fb: Macallum Connoisseurs


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