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This is a true convenient premium coffee on demand “Roastedly’s Coffee in Sachet”

Roasted by Macallum Connoisseurs (Malaysia)

Coffee Beans Profile & Taste Notes
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe, Kochere,Gedoyo
Varietal: Heirlooms
Altitude: 2000-2200 M.A.S.L
Process: Natural , Dried on raised beds
Tasting note: Cherry candy, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Zest

For maximum mobility and convenience, we bundled a premium disposable drip bag with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction!

In this package:
10 x Coffee sachets
10 x Premium disposable drip bags

 Free Delivery to Singapore & Malaysia!

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About the Coffee Farm / Estate

Kochere is southwest of the town of Yirgacheffe and near a little village of Ch’elelek’tu in the Gedeo zone.
While a “classic” Yirga coffee, all of the sub regions tend to have different flavour profiles. Adado – stone fruit, Konga – citrus and stone fruit, and for Kochere, it is a strong fruit tea that comes along with the citrus and stone fruit. When this is combined with processing as a natural, the result is expressed as red currant, lime.
Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

The ECX was started in 2008 to help protect farmers from market forces that might prevent them from making a living. Most of the coffee in Ethiopia is produced by small-holders who own 0.7 hectares, bumper crops often lead to big price drops, which can make it unprofitable for farmers to harvest their coffee.

What the ECX does is commoditize grains- including sesame, beans, maize, wheat, and most importantly, coffee. This ensures prompt payment to farmers. It also integrates all parts of the “eco-system” involved in a grains market, including warehousing, grading, trading, and payment. Access to information is emphasized, as farmers can obtain information about trading prices and local delivery points easily through dedicated telephone lines. While this system does ensure prompt payment and streamlines supply chain issues, it removes essentially all traceability from the coffee. This is problematic in the specialty world, where traceability is paramount.

The ECX does not allow for complete traceability, but coffee cooperatives in Ethiopia do have the ability to go around the ECX and export the
coffee themselves. Coffees that are exported by a cooperative can have traceability, possibly even to a single farmer.

Roaster: Macallum Connoisseurs

ZEAL GROUP SDN BHD (MACALLUM CONNOISSEURS COFFEE CO.) founded by 4 Penang-born entrepreneurs that are passionate about coffee knowledge and culture. They are Junz Teah, Vince Ong, Lukas Ang, and Jeff Lau. Armed with exceptional skills and knowledge about coffee, they have decided to embark on the road to spread and increase the awareness about coffee from roast to cup, starting from their very own Penang.

The Roaster & Academy was set up along with our CSR initiative, with the objective to spread and to provide improvement and education of specialty coffee knowledge to the community. Coffee is one of the largest traded commodities, and it has been in the people’s everyday life for a long time. Armed with a team of 20 capable members we aspire to become the standard and benchmark of coffee culture in the region, and through coffee we want to make your everyday, a better day.


Macallum Connoisseurs

Works behind the scene

Roastedly® never compromise with our quality and avail only coffee of premium to specialty grade (mostly are Single Origin) where the producing estate/farm can also be traced, presenting you the best coffee, with the convenience to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We carefully source for great coffee from reputable roasters from around the world, carry out a stringent cupping process to derive the taste notes and suitable grind size for that specific coffee. Thereafter, coffee beans are grind and sealed into single serve size sachet made of specially indented aluminum wrappers. The sachet is then flushed and sealed with nitrogen to ensure the freshness of coffee as well as longevity shelf life of up to 18 months.

To offer maximum mobility and convenience, we provide a premium disposable drip bag bundled with each sachet. Now, all you need is a cup and hot water to satisfy your coffee addiction! General coffee information such as coffee origin, estate, roasters and a QR code are printed on each sachet. To get complete information of the coffee, simply scan the QR code and it will present all the information.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 2.5 × 15 cm

Grind (Espresso), Grind (Filter Coffee), Whole Bean


Macallum Connoisseurs

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