[Single Origin] Tanzania Mount Meru ~ Industry Beans (Bag)


Roasted by Industry Beans (Singapore)

Coffee Beans Profile & Taste Notes

Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Note: Cocoa, Raisin, Lemon, Berry
Region: Mount Meru
Processing: Washed

Pack by: Roastedly
Minimum Best Before: 6 Months from despatch



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About the Coffee Farm / Estate

The 350 farmers that contribute to this coffee are located on the red volcanic soils of Mt Meru, a dormant volcano to the west of Mt Kilimanjaro. The resulting coffee is syrupy and clean with purple grape, cocoa and so leather notes.

Roaster: Industry Beans


Over the last decade, a wave of coffee roasters across the globe, known as the Third Wave, redefined ideas about sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. Abandoning old approaches, these pioneers saw coffee as a natural product with many possibilities, recognising that different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive to a final cup.

Inspired by this movement, two brothers in Melbourne founded Industry Beans in 2010. Driven by curiosity and a belief that the coffee roasting process offered possibilities yet to be fully explored.

Steve and Trevor Simmons set up in a tiny garage on a shoestring budget and began roasting coffee for themselves. They formed relationships with farmers and producers in key coffee growing regions around the world, and with philosophies of quality, transparency and approachability began to grow their roasting operation.

Almost eight years on and Industry Beans has established itself at the cutting edge of Melbourne’s internationally renowned specialty coffee scene. Housed in an open-planned award-winning warehouse conversion, Industry Beans is a coffee roastery, cafe and brew bar, all under one roof in Fitzroy, Melbourne.


Industry Beans
3/62 Rose Street
+61 3 9417 1034


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